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​The legal process and having to hire an attorney can be intimidating enough without having to worry about how much it will cost, what the hourly rate is or how much that phone call just added to the bill.  Now you don't have to worry about hourly legal fees any longer. Maryland attorney William Day is dedicated to providing flat-fee legal services for the majority of your legal needs.  Admittedly, not every legal service is appropriate for a flat fee, but a lot, especially Maryland DUI, some civil litigation under a certain amount and Wills and Trusts, can be done on a flat-rate basis. Fixed-fee or flat-fee legal services takes away the guess work and gives you a fair fixed fee that will not change. Take some uncertainty out of the legal process call or email today for a free no obligation consultation.

DUI DWI Criminal


A Maryland drunk driving arrest can be a very frightening experience.  You lose your license to drive on the spot. You are probably scared and humiliated.  You are concerned about your job, your ability to drive and the possibility of going to jail and losing your driver’s license for up to a year.


Maryland DWI Attorney William Day can help.  There are importatnt deadlines so find out more or contact me today.

Lawsuits & Disputes


Civil lawsuits arise out of disputes between people, businesses, or other entities, including government entities.  The Majority of disputes under $30,000 can be handled for a flat-fee. 


Being sued is stressful enough without having to worry about legal fees.  If you have been sued or you have a dispute that must be dealt with in the Maryland courts contact us for a free no obligation consultation.


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Wills & Trusts


If you're concerned about how all your assets are going to be distributed after you die, or how much tax your heirs will have to pay, you might want to look into a Maryland Will or a Maryland Trust.


Contact Attorney William Day today for a free no obligation consultation.


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