Maryland Business Law

Maryland Business Lawyer William Day is a skilled, efficient business lawyer offering business law services. He can offer you outstanding legal representation at reasonable rates; practical and reliable advice; continuous availability; and a commitment to doing all of your legal work on time and within budget.Maryland Business Lawyer William Day specializes in providing a wide range of legal services, tailored just for businesses, that provide the legal framework you need to be confident that your business is working for you the way it should.Maryland Business Lawyer William Day will take the time to get to know you and look at all aspects of your situation. he wants to understand your objectives and to work with you to secure your future, while making sure you are always comfortable and satisfied in all your dealings with your business lawyer in Maryland. And whenever possible, he will offer you fixed-price services so you’ll know up front what his fees will be.Maryland Business Lawyer William Day is continuously available to advise and protect you in your business and individual relationships so that you can take advantage of business opportunities and more easily manage and safeguard your personal and business assets.Maryland Business Lawyer William Day can help you with: Starting a business. He handles all necessary legal steps, including investigating business opportunities, preparing incorporation and LLC documents and partnership agreements, business purchase agreements, and other legal documents. He can help you bring and keep your business into compliance with all laws and regulations. Running a business. He can help you fulfill your legal obligations as an employer, and avoid wage, harassment, and other employment law disputes. He prepares employment contracts and employee policy manuals, advises on and registers trademarks and copyrights. Business real estate. Maryland Business Lawyer William Day handles all business real estate matters: buying and selling commercial real estate, commercial lease negotiations and document preparation, building and development issues, zoning, and more. Business disputes and lawsuits. Maryland Business Lawyer William Day can help you resolve business disputes and lawsuits as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. He offers pre-lawsuit counseling so you can know and evaluate your options, and provide sound advice and skilled representation in lawsuits, arbitrations, settlement negotiations and mediations.For more information or an appointment, please call Maryland Business Lawyer William Day at (301) 605-1722.